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a Message to our Community:

The founders of Govner's House recognize the great role and impact that we all can have in improving the lives of our neighbors, friends, and loved ones who are dealing with bullying, discrimination, poverty, as well as physical and mental illness. An important part of our mission is to respond to the needs, interests, and concerns of our surrounding community.

A percentage of the proceeds from Govner's Signature Collection is donated to project reach and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Recognizing that one in five young adults suffers from some form of mental illness and that a dear friend and early employee of our company lost his life while suffering from mental disease. We are trying to do our part in giving attention and funds in order to address these important issue.

project reach

For over 33 years, the CPC-Project Reach has brought together young people and adults who would otherwise never meet.

Through its multiracial, multi-gender, anti-discrimination trainings, 5-borough traveling dinners, upstate transgender youth retreats, and Social Justice Boot Camp/OUTRIGHT Consortium collaborations, CPC-Project Reach has partnered with government, corporations, indigenous and immigrant organizations, schools, city agencies and LGBTQ centers and programs to empower NYC’s most marginalized youth communities.

(nami) National Alliance on Mental Illness

Support NAMI to help millions of Americans who face mental illness every day.


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